Monday, July 24, 2017

otak kanan (7)

we saw your photo(s)
you are beautiful, looking so happy on your day
i wish your day ahead will be a better day
and hoping you're happy with your choice :)
i envy you. 
i know the man kinda feel hurt, maybe a bit
i feel it too
i heard he was hurt so bad in his own history
i feel sorry for the man
but despite that,
i make a promise to myself
he won't feel the same 
starting now, and counting
i'll make sure his days will be the happiest 
everyday he'll feel that someone is actually care
appreciate him, and love him eternally
no matter what happen
i'll make sure his happiness is a priority 
again, congratulations :)
and thank you
million thanks to you, for letting him go
and eventually he found me
i'll take a good care for this man, insyaAllah
i'll prove you, and everyone 
that he is worth for me to keep 
because i love him.