Saturday, February 3, 2018

25 years old Siti Nur Huda

*hidupkan vacuum* 
gila berhabuk blog dah macam rumah angker haha
sorry because haven't update any otak kanan stories, and also the Amirul & Siti updates. 
oh ye Happy New Year 🎊 (lame Huda lame)
im so caught up with my so-called new job. busy bapak. bapak pun tak busy macam ni. 
i've been transferred to a new leader, but still in the same department and boss. since December. 
first month? oh goddd so disastrous. 
i had freaking terrible depression/mental down during the month. campur sekali dengan demam whatsoever semua tu. 
tidur pun jangan cerita la. huru hara waktu tidur. 
benda lain pun semua tunggang langgang. 
nasib baik nafsu makan masih cemerlang.

despite all the roller coaster things happened, masih ada perkara perkara baik yang berlaku. 

and im turning 25 years old yeayyy 🎊 *baling mercun dalam bilik sendiri*

Alhamdulillah for all blessings until today.

Alhamdulillah also for all challenges faced up till today 😊 couldn't ask more. 
i know within this period i just focus all about myself. i didn't talk much with my friends. 
worst part; i lost so much time for my family. 
because of my work. i gained so much pennies on my OT, my call back time, my travelling allowance here and there.
i lost the most precious time with the fam. 
i know some friends ignored me. 
i know some of them talked about me. 
i know some had post something for me. 
i knew it all. 

it's just not easy to stand. i won't extract the pain.

i won't tell anyone how struggle i face all those things. 

so for this 25th birthday, i wish nothing but the better Siti Nur Huda i can be. the stronger Siti Nur Huda than before. 

for my family.
for my future family.
for my company. 
for my friends insyaAllah. 
and of course, for God. 

and im so thankful for having mak and abah. 
even though they have to listen all my mood swings, even they have to listen "nak benti keje" from their daughter ni everyday, they still let me stand everything for myself.
they let me achieve everything that i dream for.
they know im tooooooo stubborn to listen, but they know things i strive for. 
they support me entirely ❤ 

and latest; 
they approved my future husband 😊
they accepted the person that i chose. 
Alhamdulillah ❤

and not to forget, i truly appreciate everyone who is always there for me. 
-Jejoyahs my girls
-TK Crew best asrama girls
-Kak Wanie kawan gosip and jenjalan
-makcik bawang office always my favorites
-Logistics geng yang suka makan 
-my boss of course, he let me grow successfully 

though im not always around with everyone, but my thoughts & prayers always be with them ❤ 
may all blessings & bliss be with them insyaAllah.
Tuhan je yang boleh balas budi baik semua orang.
Terima kasih untuk semuanya ❤

so cukuplah sampai sini. 
i'll update Amirul & Siti next chapter soon. 
mohon doanya ya kawan kawan 😊

jumpa lagi, on next entry 😉