Monday, May 22, 2017

otak kanan (2)

just had the bad dreams, since couple months ago
i tought it would be nothing, but it's
i can't stand
i saw 'them', an old lady
an old man
standing, and hunkering 
while staring at me sleeping, fiercely
i've been hunted, by a dog
black, in my dream
those dreams were so real
it's tiring
having a back pain, sometimes my whole body
i can't sleep at night
i just don't know what and who 'they' are
i don't know what 'they' want
surely i didn't have anything that they wanted so
i'm tired

if i made/make a mistake, or maybe mistakes, 
kindly direct with me
verbally or else.
face to face? yes please
direct it with me
i am truly sorry if i didn't realize any mistake(s) i made.
i am a human, just like you
so let's clear things up :)