Wednesday, May 24, 2017

otak kanan (3)

mom plays quran at home, from maghrib till dawn
i can't feel any except the pain
it's like someone put a thousand needles on my body
i can't do anything, sitting down at living hall
with some novel, and my phone
all i can say is ; i'm in pain i'm in pain
my leg hurts my arm hurts, my belly too
i dreamed about someone
'she' pressed my chest, very hard
seems like she want to say ; don't you dare to fight
'she' show me herself
there, on my make up table
then 'she' disappeared
i won't give up, though i'm dying
i will not. 

if i made/make a mistake, or maybe mistakes, 
kindly direct with me
verbally or else.
face to face? yes please
direct it with me
i am truly sorry if i didn't realize any mistake(s) i made.
i am a human, just like you
so let's clear things up :)