Monday, June 19, 2017

otak kanan (6)

5 days left, for upcoming Hari Raya
i got nothing special on preparation
just a usual since we're still single
but ready to mingle 
haha, kidding
i received a lot of good news
from my few friends 
some is getting married soon
some is getting a baby
some is about to further their study
some also being promoted 
a very good news in this good month
feels so good to hear 
but some also having a test, from God
the bff, her car being hit by a young lady
and now the lady blocked her
the man also, he is sick
not a usual one like demam or that selsema thing  
hm i don't like this kind of news
i terribly worry for this two person
though they said they are okay
they are not
please keep holding on guys
you got me, behind
love you guys.

Salam Aidilfitri.
keep on being good
the good will come back to you :)